Nigel Green – CEO deVere Group

deVere Group’s founder and CEO, Nigel Green was recently presented with the ‘Ops Business Person of the Year’ Award at the FTF Awards held in the legendary Rainbow Room, in New York’s Rockefeller Plaza.

These prestigious, high-profile awards recognise the achievements of industry experts and finance professionals worldwide.

A film crew shadowed Mr Green to make a short film of the awards ceremony, and he said of his win: “The award was voted by our peers, by people within the industry, so it’s even more special in many ways that people who sometimes are your competition actually voted for you.”

This award is deVere’s first in the U.S., and as Senior Area Manager Benjamin Alderson says: “It’s a great achievement for Nigel and a great achievement for the company.”

Nigel Green won the award for his ongoing campaign to see the highly contentious Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA, which affects millions of American expats across the globe, repealed.

The deVere CEO is passionate in his view of FATCA, which he claims could damage the American, and therefore global economy.  Also, he says, it invades on individuals’ privacy; it will inevitably raise tax burdens for the majority of Americans; and “gives us a lesson in unintended consequences.”

Also in the short film, founder and president of FTF, Maureen Lowe, confirmed that these awards were set up because “we think the financial service providers should be recognised for their innovation and hard work.”